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  1. Ryo says:

    you won’t be able to list it on the MLS service wihuott paying for that and if you aren’t associated with a realtor you might not be able to list it at allyou’ll have to pay all the advertising costs yourself, be available for all the open houses obviously, find buyers yourself since hardly anyone will know about your house being for sales since it won’t be on MLSYou’ll have to be able to try and find all the necessary paperwork sales agreements, etcYou don’t pay any commission when you buy a house only when you sell if another agent brings you a buyer you will still have to agree on a commission for them and they will expect the normal 3% for the buyer’s sidewith the current market, house are taking up to 9 months to sell WITH real estate agents working with the sellers I magine you would probably have a add a few months to that figure working on your own Still think it’s really worth it? and I’m not a real estate agent and have no family members who are I’m a RE investor just starting out, but I know I wouldn;t have all that time to devote to the process wihuott help from an agent

  2. siobhan says:

    you can do it!

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