Download WOTD Transformation Tracker Here

After entering your information into the Body Stat Calculator, click on the results tab to record your results.

Start Date – The date you record your first measurements.

Measurements Every 7 Days – How often do you intend to measure your results? Weekly = 7 days etc.

Goals – Near the bottom of the sheet, enter your desired goal weight / body fat % etc.

Left To Go – (Goal values – latest results)

Step 1:

To record your results, highlight the cells along "latest results".

Step 2:

Copy the cells (right click and press copy, alternatively, press CTRL and C together). 

Step 3:

Click on the cell closest to the relevant measurement date (example below).

Step 4:

Click paste special. Then select values in the "paste special" menu box.

The latest results should then be pasted.

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